Top 10 Brain Diseases Of All Time

brain diseases

In this post, I have listed the top 10 brain diseases that have the worst symptoms and a high mortality rate. This is an educational article. Brain diseases can be tricky sometimes. They don’t always put a person on a deathbed but can make life agonizingly difficult. Especially, the ones with symptoms like seizures and … Read moreTop 10 Brain Diseases Of All Time

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease? (Precisely Explained)

alzheimers disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a fatal neurological disorder. It’s victims lose their memory due to progressive brain deterioration. [1] Reports suggest that in every 65 seconds one person becomes a victim of Alzheimer’s disease by developing its symptoms. In the initial stages, the symptoms are not catastrophic but they get worse as the disease progresses. About … Read moreWhat Is Alzheimer’s Disease? (Precisely Explained)

Is it normal to be ashamed of having Huntington’s Disease?

ashamed of having huntington's disease

You are not alone if you feel ashamed of having Huntington’s disease. Being diagnosed with Huntington’s disease is one of the most frightful things that can ever happen to a person. Anyone who knows the pain of a neurodegenerative disease will tell you that you are going to have far more difficult problems than just … Read moreIs it normal to be ashamed of having Huntington’s Disease?

Huntington’s Disease Quotes to Inspire you

Huntington’s Disease Quotes to Inspire you

Positive quotes help Huntington’s Disease patient live their life with energy and vigor. There is no reason why they should consider themselves as victims and not indulge in things like dancing, singing, socializing, etc. In most cases, negative thoughts are the biggest reason behind poor mental health. They make you feel bad, create self-hatred and … Read moreHuntington’s Disease Quotes to Inspire you

5 must-know Huntington’s disease facts

Huntington's disease facts

This post gives you the facts you need to make important decisions as a Huntington’s disease patient or a caregiver. Huntington’s disease is one the rarest brain disorders (1 in 5000 people have Huntington’s disease in Scotland) where cells in a particular area of the brain slowly die. People have a lot of wrong assumptions about … Read more5 must-know Huntington’s disease facts

Best treatment options for Huntington’s Disease

treatment options huntingtons disease

If you are looking for treatment options to cure Huntington’s disease completely, then you need to stop an think about what you are doing, because there is no treatment to reverse or cure this disease. But there are many viable treatment options available to reduce the clinical symptoms of Huntington’s disease. Normally, a person gets … Read moreBest treatment options for Huntington’s Disease

Should I marry someone with Huntington’s disease?

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Picture yourself five years from now— you having to take care of a person who is severely disabled, you can’t have children, you will have to pay their medical bills and take them to a doctor regularly, etc— are you willing to go through all this trouble? Do you love this person so much? Will … Read moreShould I marry someone with Huntington’s disease?