best shower chairs for dementia patients

5 Best Shower Chairs for Dementia Patients

Are you looking for the safest shower chair for a dementia patient? A shower chair reduces the chances of falling on the slippery and moist bathroom floor. Shower chairs are also a boon for the elderly, someone with an injury, or wheelchair-ridden individuals. Good quality shower chairs are equipped with armrests, backrests, and rubber tips for safety. In this post, I share five of the best shower chairs for dementia patients.

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5 Best Shower Chairs for Dementia Patients

#1 Essential Medical Supply Shower and Bath Bench

best overall

Best Shower Chairs for Dementia Patients

Are you looking for a sturdy shower chair that does not roll or tip over? There are several good shower chairs available online. This one from Essential Medical Supply is the best overall. 

It comes with all the necessary features needed to keep the elderly safe and comfortable in the shower. This product is made on US soil. Essential Medical Supply Inc. is Florida’s best medical equipment manufacturer. 

You don’t have to pay a fortune for bath safety equipment such as a shower chair. Essential Medical Supply shower and bath bench is available at a price anyone can afford. 

This shower chair is equipped with a backrest and padded armrests. And the height is fully adjustable (16” – 21 ½” ). The seat is 15 ¾” wide and has a diameter of 13”. The width at the bottom tips is 17 ½”. Also, it has a weight-bearing capacity of 300 lbs, which is standard for shower chairs.   

Unlike a shower stool or a bench, this product comes with two padded sturdy arms. This chair is suitable for dementia patients with limited mobility. Or someone with limited strength in their lower limbs. 

Occupants can use the armrests as support when getting in and out of the shower chair. In some cases, the occupants can transfer themselves from the shower chair to a transport chair without assistance from a caregiver. 

Furthermore, this shower chair is fully customizable. You have the option to remove the backrest and armrests, or either one of them. Adjust the height according to the patient’s liking. 

Bathtub users prefer the shower chair to stand slightly taller than the height of the bathtub. It is recommended to place this shower chair outside the bathtub, touching its edge. The shower curtain (a much-needed accessory) should help keep the bathroom floor nice and dry. 

Essential Medical Supply Shower and Bath Bench is Suitable For: 

This shower chair is suited for dementia patients with limited mobility. Also, patients in the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease find it challenging to bathe on their own. 

There’s always a risk of injury if you let them shower in a standing position. This shower chair helps them sit comfortably during the shower. 


  • Equipped with all the standard features
  • Affordably priced
  • Reputed and trustworthy brand name
  • Structurally solid
  • Easy tool-free assembly 


  • The feet may catch rust, they need to be kept dry after use
  • Customer service could be improved
  • This chair is built to be used on a bathroom floor. May slide a bit inside the bathtub  

#2 Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

best seller

Medline Shower Chair

Medline shower chair bath seat is rated number one by the healthcare department of the United States. This product is designed, manufactured, and marketed by America’s top mobility and bath safety aids maker. Medline Industries Inc. is headquartered in Northfield, Illinois.  

You have arrived at the right place if you are looking for a tried and trusted shower chair for an elderly person with dementia. Medline shower chair bath seats are one of the highest-selling products in the bath safety equipment category. 

Showering or bathing a dementia patient is no easy task. The difficulty level of the job goes up with patients in the later stages of the disease. This is where the patient begins to lose grip on reality. A good quality shower chair can make a caregiver’s job easy and risk-free. 

This chair comes with a few additional features compared to the one by Essential Medical Supply. The appearance and built-quality are almost the same. Both chairs are fully customizable and easy to assemble. You don’t need any special tools for that. 

This product is fairly heavy-duty. It weighs 71.3 pounds, way heavier than a standard plastic chair. The total height of this chair is 23.62”. And the seat width is 16.5”. This chair has a weight-bearing capacity of 350lbs, 50 pounds higher than the industry standard. 

Furthermore, you don’t have many options when it comes to choosing the color. The chair has a bare aluminum frame. And the seat is off-white with a hint of beige. The removable arms are padded with hand-grips. The padded arms support the occupant when getting in and out of the chair. 

This chair comes with a comfortable backrest. A dementia patient can bathe by themselves without worrying about tipping over and falling backward. Nevertheless, you can always remove the backrest if you find it surplus for your requirement. 

Also, the legs are height adjustable with easy-to-use push buttons. For the utmost safety of an occupant, it is recommended that you adjust the height according to their body type and weight. It is always good to keep the height of the chair low for short and stocky individuals.   

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat is Suitable For: 

This is one of the best shower chairs for dementia patients in the later stages of the disease. The chair is designed and built to keep the occupants safe and comfortable while showering or bathing. This chair will help mitigate the risks involved in letting a dementia patient step on a slippery bathroom floor. 


  • Healthcare’s number one choice in mobility and bath safety aids
  • Fully compatible with other bath accessories
  • Affordably priced
  • Easy and tool-free assembly 
  • Legs are height adjustable with push buttons
  • Rust-resistant aluminum frame


  • The instruction manual can be improved. Some of the instructions can be hard-to-understand
  • The bolts begin to rust if not properly dried after use
  • The washers(metal beneath the rubber feet) are low quality 

#3 Medline Momentum Shower Chair

best value

Momentum Shower Chair

Momentum Shower Chair is a premium quality product from Medline. This shower chair is designed for average-sized adults. It has a weight-bearing capacity of 250lbs. Note that this product is not suitable for bariatric treatment. An overweight person would benefit from chairs discussed in the previous sections.

You will be surprised to learn that several parts of this chair come with built-in antimicrobial properties. You don’t have to worry about fungus or yeast formation on the seat, backrest, and handles. Having that said, you are required to clean the chair after every use.  

This shower must be placed in a clean and dry place after use. Leaving it in the moist and clammy bathroom would invite germs, bacteria, and viruses into your home. The antimicrobial protection feature safeguards the product itself, and not the occupant. 

This ergonomically-designed shower chair from Medline comes with a body-contoured backrest. It maintains the natural position of the spine. Even in a wet and moist bathroom, the occupant won’t slip or fall sideways. They won’t lose balance while bathing. 

This is one of the best shower chairs for dementia patients who find plastic chairs unstable and shaky. The Momentum chair has flared legs. Occupants can feel free to move their upper body without fearing a fall. The washers are compact and rust-resistant. 

Some users might get overwhelmed by the number of pieces that need to be assembled. But relax, the total assembly time for this chair is no more than 15 minutes. Moreover, all screws are the same size. There is no possibility of confusion. You also get an Allen wrench with this chair. 

You can use this chair during a shower or in a bathtub. The legs are narrow enough to fit inside a standard-sized bathtub. Note that, you can adjust the height but not the width of the legs. Frankly, it would have been convenient if the width of the legs was adjustable. 

Medline Momentum Shower Chair is Suitable For: 

This shower chair can be used by all elderly people. It is not limited to a dementia patient. 

Experts at Medline have designed this shower chair keeping home aesthetics in mind. The Momentum shower chair is by far the best looking shower chair on the market. There is no compromise on the safety or comfort of the occupants. 

Lastly, this chair is suitable for occupants with an average physique. As I mentioned before, it has a weight-bearing capacity of 250lbs.   


  • Satin-finish aluminum frame
  • Matte gray seat
  • Antimicrobial protection on seat, backrest, and handles
  • Long-lasting product
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Can be used by everyone in the family 


  • Requires an Allen wrench(included) for assembly
  • No microbial protection on the aluminum frame

#4 Carex Swivel Shower Stool

best new release

Best Shower Chairs for Dementia Patients

Are you looking for a bath seat for the shower and bathtub? 

Carex brings you a unique shower chair for dementia patients who seek freedom of movement while bathing in a tub. This product is made on US soil. Carex Health Brands, Inc. is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Founded in 1976, it is a household name in the Midwestern US. 

The Carex swivel shower stool is designed for dementia patients who wish to bathe or shower in a seated position. Dementia patients in the early stages of the condition can perform the activities of daily living (such as bathing) by themselves. This shower stool fits the bill for such individuals. 

The 360-degree rotating seat ensures easy entry and exit from the bath. The rotating seat also makes the caregiver’s job easy. The patient can force themselves in the desired direction. This makes it easy to apply soap in hard-to-reach areas of the body.

Also, note that the lightly padded seat remains secure once the occupant rests their bottom on its surface. To make it rotate, the occupant has to let go of some weight from the seat. They can do this by lifting their body up or bending forward/sideways with the help of a caregiver.   

It’s true that the armrests, handles, and backrest offer much-needed safety and comfort. But these accessories restrict the freedom of movement. They also increase the total weight of the chair, making it hard-to-transport. The Carex swivel shower stool weighs just 4.4lbs.  

Carex swivel shower stool is height adjustable. It adjusts from 15.5″ to 20.6″, in one-inch intervals. The legs are made of lightweight aluminum, whereas the seat is a durable plastic material. The seat is 13” wide– spacious enough for a large person. 

Carex Swivel Shower Stool is Suitable For: 

This shower chair is suitable for occupants who seek complete freedom of movement while bathing or showering. Also, the 13” wide seat is round in shape. 

Occupants with a variety of body types can find comfort in this chair. For instance, a large person can place their bottom on the seat comfortably. There are sharp edges on the seat. 

Furthermore, this shower stool is lightweight and compact. Caregivers can lift it with a single hand. The stool can easily fit in a storage compartment or a closet. As long as the stool is cleaned and dried after use, caregivers need not worry about its longevity. 

One last thing, the metal washers can be replaced with rust-resistant ones. You can get them in a nearby hardware store. This is only if the washers catch rust and begin to damage the bathroom floor.  


  • Affordably priced
  • Innovative design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy-to-transport 
  • Does not slip even in soapy water
  • Suited for both tub and shower


  • The metal washers (present inside the rubber feet) are prone to rust
  • No support for arms and lower back
  • The seat is not sufficiently padded 

#5 Ez2care Shower Bench

best affordable

Best Shower Chairs for Dementia Patients

Are you looking for an affordable shower bench for a dementia patient?

You can provide your loved one a spa-like experience with this shower bench from Ez2care. Whether a dementia patient wishes to bathe on their own or seek assistance from a caregiver, this shower bench transforms the bathing experience. 

The innovative design of this product makes it suitable for both showering and bathing. A standard-sized bathtub has a width of 26”. This shower fits perfectly in most bathtubs available on the market. The total width of this shower chair is 17”. You can also fit it inside a small-sized bathtub. 

Not all dementia patients prefer to be seated for the entire duration of the bath. With this bench placed in the front of the tub (just under the showerhead), they can switch between standing and sitting. Likewise, caregivers can place this bench on the edge of the tub so they can wash the occupant with ease. 

This shower bench requires minimal assembly. You don’t need to use any tools. There is no confusion or frustration during assembly. You get five equal-sized screws. They can be tightened with bare hands. Also, the legs are made from corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum

Anodising enhances the aesthetic qualities of the metal frame. It also increases the durability of the metal, hence more load-bearing. The Ez2care shower bench can handle 250lbs without any issues. 

The broad seat comes with a curved profile. The two built-in side-handles help while rising and sitting. 

The surface of the seat is perforated. Even when the occupant is lathered with soap, they won’t slip off the bench. 

Having said that, a caregiver must periodically check the tightness of the screws. Sitting on this bench with loose screws can be fatal for the occupant. 

Ez2care Shower Bench is Suitable For: 

This shower bench is ideal for elderly people with a cognitive condition such as dementia. Not to mention, even injured unable to stand can make the best out of this shower bench. 

Ez2care shower bench can also be used for personal grooming purposes. Some dementia patients prefer to perform grooming activities such as shaving, hairdressing, pedicure, etc at home. 

Ez2care Shower Bench

Caregivers or family members of a dementia patient can groom them while they sit comfortably on this shower bench. The height can be easily adjusted for specific applications.

Furthermore, this chair is designed for assisted bathing. A caregiver can help a dementia patient bath based on the level of assistance needed. Caregivers can also use this bench during undressing a dementia patient. 


  • Affordably priced
  • Compact and lightweight design 
  • Legs are made from corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum
  • Can be used for a variety of applications
  • Side handles come to the rescue when standing up or sitting on the bench
  • Facilitates better posture when bathing 


  • This bench is not designed for standing on it
  • Aggressive straddling can damage the bench
  • No support for arms and spine

The Final Verdict

The entire purpose of bathing or showering is to clear out bacteria, dirt particles, dead skin cells, and perspiration from the body. It is easy for a dementia patient to avoid the bathroom altogether. Usually, there is too much discomfort in the process. 

But, a shower chair makes bathing easy and pain-free. It also mitigates injury risks.  

From the products discussed in this post, Essential Medical Supply is the best overall. It is equipped with all the safety and comfort features needed by a dementia patient. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and you don’t need any tools. Go for it as it is also quite affordable. 

I hope this post on the best shower chairs for dementia patients was helpful. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. Also, check out this post if your loved one refuses to bathe. 

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