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5 Best Door Locks for Dementia Patients

The whole idea of a door lock system is to prevent the person with dementia from exiting the home without informing the caregiver. Note that not every dementia caregiver needs to restrict the patient from heading out without permission. 

A door lock ensures the safety of a dementia patient who has a habit of wandering around aimlessly. If this sounds familiar, consider installing a door lock before the patient heads out again. 

Some of the advanced door locks may require you to screw in the locking system into the wooden door frame. Make sure you have a drilling machine, a screwdriver, and an Allen wrench at home.

Read through the following sections to get a good idea of the door locks available on the market. This post is intended to share with you the best door locks for dementia patients. 

I have mentioned both the mechanical ones (with basic functions) and the advanced ones (that come with a touchpad and a smartphone app). 

Mechanical door locks are way more affordable and user-friendly than advanced ones. Caregivers with limited knowledge of newer technological devices usually prefer mechanical locks. 

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  1. Best Overall Loud Door Alarm By Flyoukki
  2. Best Seller Ultraloq Smart Lever Lock
  3. Best Value Prime-Line Door Knob Lock
  4. New On The Market Safeasy Door Lever Lock
  5. Best Affordable Door Lever Lock By Tuut

5 Best Door Locks for Dementia Patients

#1 Loud Door Alarm By Flyoukki

best overall

The door alarm from Flyoukki can be installed alongside a door, window, or cabinet. You can also safeguard your swimming pool area by installing one of the Flyoukki alarms on the entry point. This system will prevent the elderly with dementia from exiting the home without your permission. 

The package includes three alarms with tapes, batteries for all three alarms, two noise cancellation earplugs, and a user manual. Note the one alarm will safeguard a single entry point. You can install one alarm on the main door, another one on the backyard door, and the third one on a window or a cabinet. 

Loud Door Alarm By Flyoukki is Suitable For: 

Flyoukki door alarm is perfectly suited for caregivers or family members of a person with dementia. The device simply has an on/off switch. The functionality won’t overwhelm you. Also, the alarm is quite loud (120bB). 

Primarily, there are two parts to this device: the alarm and the magnetic sensor. The alarm is to be installed on the door frame— parallel to the magnetic sensor. The magnetic sensor will go to the back of the door. 


  • Comes with a pair of anti-noise earplugs. You can put them on during installation
  • The fully replaceable batteries last up to a year
  • Easy to install
  • Compact design. The device camouflages itself with the door and the frame


  • No provision to adjust the volume
  • No time delay function. The alarm goes off the moment someone opens the door

#2 Ultraloq Smart Lever Lock

best seller

Ultraloq is an American home safety and security services company. It is headquartered in Fremont, California. This product is a lot more advanced than the one discussed in the previous section. It comes with wifi, fingerprint detection, a touchpad, and a smartphone app.

Note that this is a door lever lock and hence is to be installed in the center of the door— close to your arms when standing up. 

Before moving forward, I feel like I must talk a little bit about the installation of this advanced door lock. This device fits most standard US doors. Whether your door is left-handed or right-handed, you simply need to drill a borehole. Most doors come with a facility to install a door lever lock. 

The entire operation is DIY. The following are the exact door measure required for proper installation of Ultraloq smart lever lock:

Door measurements:

1-5/16″ to 2″ thickness, 

2-1/8″ Bore Hole, 

1” Edge Hole, 

2-3/4” or 2-3/8″ Backset

Here’s a YouTube video demonstrating the installation procedure of the Ultraloq smart door lever lock. The manufacturer also provides a user manual for those needing detailed information about this product. 

And do not worry if the battery drains out of the device fails while you are not home. The door will remain locked until you arrive home. Upon arrival, you can open it manually with regular keys (included in the product package)

Ultraloq Smart Lever Lock is Suitable For: 

Ultraloq is one of the best door locks for dementia patients. It is perfectly suitable for those who leave a dementia patient alone in their homes. This device is for you if your loved one has to stay home alone while you go to work or run daily errands. 

You will get a notification the moment your loved one attempts to unlock the door by themselves. They may enter the wrong password or use the doorknob in an attempt to unlock the door. In such a situation, you can call them and see if they are okay. 

Furthermore, with this door lock installed on the main door, you can allow your loved one to go for walks— provided they don’t have a habit of wandering away from home. You will get notified (on your smartphone) the moment they return home.


  • Several ways to lock the door
  • Works seamlessly with other smart home devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant 
  • Recommended by popular smart home online magazines such as iMore and Mashable


  • Installation is not easy
  • Not suitable for users who do not have the skills to use power tools
  • This product may act strange in freezing temperatures 

#3 Prime-Line Door Knob Lock

best value

3 door locks for dementia patients

As the name itself suggests, this device is supposed to be fitted on top of a doorknob. It is a removable and portable device. You don’t need to attach it to the doorknob. The metal housing prevents the dementia patient from turning the doorknob when locked. 

This device can also be used to prevent the dementia patient from gaining access to other knobs (such as garden hose, bathroom, home gym, etc) in the home. 

Furthermore, it is common for dementia patients to exit the home via the backyard. This door knob lock can be used to shut the entry point for the backyard.

After enclosing the doorknob in between the housing you are supposed to turn the key in the clockwise direction. The casing prevents the dementia patient from accessing the keyhole. They won’t be able to open even if they have the keys to the door lock. 

Originally, a keyhole lock was used by homeowners and real estate agents. A homeowner could lock the main door from outside to prevent the troublesome tenant from entering the home in case of an eviction. 

Family members of a dementia patient can safely use this device to cover up the main door lock from inside the home.  

Prime-Line Door Knob Lock is Suitable For: 

This device by Prime-Line works perfectly for those who want a quick-fix solution to prevent their loved one from exiting the home. 

With this door knob lock, you don’t have to drill holes in the door. Neither do you have to rely on electronic devices for the safety of a dementia patient. This particular device is purely mechanical.  


  • Keeps dementia patients from turning the doorknob 
  • Easy to use
  • No need to install it on the door
  • Simple and straightforward mechanism


  • Prime-Line does not make a unique key combination for all locks
  • This device can be easily tampered with by a thief or a home intruder, it is not meant for home security

#4 Safeasy Door Lever Lock

new on the market

A door lever lock is the best solution to keep dementia patients from unlocking the main door from inside. Note that a door lever lock is not an electronic gadget. It is simply a mechanism that keeps the door lock handle in one place. 

A lever lock is suitable for doors with handle locks. It does not work with knobs. This lever lock from Safeasy is to be placed just beneath the door handle. You don’t have to worry about 

This particular product from Safeasy is designed for toddlers who have just learned to walk. It keeps them from opening the door when the parent is busy or inattentive. 

What makes Safeasy one of the best door locks for dementia patients? This device is made with high-quality and durable ABS material. It can withstand impact or force of all sorts. Further, it is 100 percent waterproof.

This device can be activated by pressing the button on the right side. Deactivate requires you to perform a similar action. Someone with a weak memory will find it challenging to remember the deactivation steps, which makes it suitable for homes with dementia patients.

Safeasy Door Lever Lock is Suitable For: 

Safeasy door lever lock can also work perfectly fine for dementia patients in the later stages of the disease. Most patients will find it incredibly challenging to deactivate this device. Also, it is hard to spot. They won’t even notice its presence.  

Note that a newly diagnosed patient with mild symptoms can manage to deactivate this door lever lock. All they would have to do is push the sides with their thumb and an index finger. 


  • Easy to install
  • No tools required
  • Easy to remove and reposition
  • You get a massive discount on bulk purchase
  • Fits almost all kinds of door handles


  • Not suitable for newly diagnosed dementia patients
  • Not suitable for door knob locks

#5 Door Lever Lock By Tuut

best affordable

5 door locks for dementia patients

The door lever lock by Tutt is quite similar to the one by Safeasy. However, this one traps the door handle in between two lock arms— instead of just one. Once this device is activated, the dementia patient won’t be able to turn the door handle in either of the directions. 

Before you attach this lever lock behind the door handle make sure the alignment is correct. Place the lever lock behind the door handle such that the handle has enough room to operate. Once this is done, mark the circumference of the lever lock with a pencil. 

Next, peel the PE foam 3M adhesive tape and swiftly attach the lock to the marked position. This is all you have to do. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes. It is recommended that you attach a Tutt door lever lock on each of the doors in your home, especially the main door. 

Note that door lever locks are quite easy to deactivate for people with no cognitive difficulties. However, an Alzheimer’s patient will most certainly struggle to deactivate it. After a few failed attempts at opening the door, they will most likely quit without further investigation.

Door Lever Lock By Tuut is Suitable For: 

This door lever lock is a blessing for the family members (and caregivers) of a dementia patient. Primarily, this device is used to prevent a toddler from opening the main door. You will be glad to know that it performs the same function for dementia patients with diminishing cognitive abilities. 

You can prevent your father or mother from wandering off outdoors without your permission. Note that this device is purely mechanical and hence it does not alert you it is when fiddled with. It merely obstructs your loved one and the door handle. In my opinion, it is semi-reliable.


  • Takes just a couple of minutes to install
  • Suitable for both main door and storm door
  • One of the most affordable door locks for dementia patients


  • Not suitable for newly diagnosed dementia patients
  • Not suitable for door knob locks


There are very few companies on market making specialized door locks for dementia patients. You can always go for a fancy digital door lock but it will cost you anywhere between $100 to $150. 

Can’t afford it? You can always get creative and go for the door lever lock designed for toddlers. They are easy to install and extremely affordable. You can purchase a bunch of them for just a few bucks. 

Further, these lever locks also work well with storm doors, bathroom doors, doors in the swimming pool area, etc. Do you have a question related to this subject? Leave a comment below and I will be happy to help you.

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