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5 Best Mitts for Alzheimer’s Patients

Is your loved one suffering from chronic skin-picking? Are you looking for the perfect mitts or gloves for Alzheimer’s patients?

Skin picking is quite prevalent in dementia patients. Also, it’s common for a patient to interfere in the medical treatment process by ripping out IV tubes from their body. Such a response arises out of frustration. Your loved one is not sufficiently aware of their actions. I mean, no one would want to hurt themselves voluntarily, but sometimes things can get out of control.

Gentle restraint of hands with the help of mitts or gloves can calm down an Alzheimer’s patient. Mitts are soft and cushy. These gauntlets act as a fence between the patient’s fingernails and the rest of their body. Instead of releasing the pent up energy by harming themselves, patients can now learn how not to obey their urges.

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Best Mitts for Alzheimer’s Patients

1. EPW Balance Dr. Safety Control Mitts Dementia Gloves

best overall

Mitts for Alzheimer's Patients- EPW Balance Dr. Safety Control Mitts Dementia Gloves

Safety Control Mitts are a product of a reputed home medical supplies company known as Gamsami. The package includes one blue/pink (two color choices) mitt for dementia patients. The manufacturer’s motto is to offer total comfort for the patients and assurance to their caregivers. 

These are some of the best mitts for Alzheimer’s patients. Caregivers don’t have to spend hours persuading the patient to put on these gloves. They are user-friendly, even a family member (with no medical background) can effortlessly figure out how to put them on.

Additionally, they don’t come with useless finger separators. This makes it easy to put them on and it also doesn’t itch after wearing them–for longer durations. 

It should be noted that accidents, self-harm, finger infection, and finger harm are clear signs of the patient’s ill health. These mitts will prevent dementia patients from injuring others around them. The front edges are rounded. Furthermore, the padded palms help nullify the attempts made by patients to scratch themselves while asleep.  

Lastly, if you are worried about Alzheimer’s patients hurting themselves by picking their scabs, these mitts are perfect as they are padded with super-soft material. So, there are no pointy edges for a patient to scratch themselves hard. Moreover, the breathable mesh structure aids air circulation through the duration of its usage. 

EPW Balance Dr. Safety Control Mitts Dementia Gloves are Suitable For: 

This product suits perfectly for caregivers looking for one-size-fits-all mitts for their loved ones/patients. It comes with a wide wrist velcro strip made from a polyester fabric called 600-denier

The aforementioned material is not only resilient but also smooth as silk. Mitts from Gamsami can help frisky patients calm down in seconds. The padding prevents the patient from picking their scabs through the glove.  


  • Extra padding
  • Coated with soft leather
  • Rounded edges
  • Wide wrist velcro strap 


  • Package includes a single mitten, not a pair

2. Hand Control Mitt Economy By Posey Company

best seller

Mitts for Alzheimer's Patients- Hand Control Mitt Economy

Hand Control Mitt Economy are one size fits all hand restraint gloves by Posey Company, an Arcadia, California-based glove manufacturer. Recently they have collaborated with another patient safety equipment company called Tidi.

The package comes with two mitts. As you can see in the image above, the product is top-coated with breathable mesh material. It is highly unlikely that a patient will harm themselves with the posterior part of the hand, hence the manufacturer did not feel the need to pad the entire mitt. The palm sits on a soft and cushy pad. The pad offers unsurpassed comfort and safety. 

Irrespective of the diameter of the patient’s wrists, these mitts fit perfectly as they come with a velcro adjustment band. The velcro sticky back tape is difficult to remove with the gloves on, so you don’t have to worry about the patient removing them in your absence. These mitts are so soft and comfortable that they won’t even notice they are wearing them.

Hand Control Mitt Economy By Posey Company are Suitable For: 

These mitts work amazingly well for Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease patients. Particularly, when they have a catheter plugged into their body. Most patients get annoyed with a medical tube (used for fluid management or drainage) inserted into their body and try to pull it out. 

Ripping out the catheter can cause irreparable damage. These mitts restrict the movement of fingers. You can fasten the velcro strap before bedtime. Additionally, you can use duct tape (around the wrist) if the patient rips the velcro band with their teeth.   


  • One size fits all
  • Package includes two mitts
  • Machine washable
  • Multi-purpose 


  • Does not comes with a user guide

3. Hand Control Mitts By Konmed

best value

Mitts for Alzheimer's Patients- Hand Control Mitts

Konmed, a North Carolina-based company specializes in health care products that help patients live a higher quality of life. The products are manufactured in Shenzhen, China. These are one of the best imported mitts for Alzheimer’s patients.

Most dementia patients indulge in self-harming activities like skin picking, cutting themselves with sharp objects, biting their nails till it bleeds, etc. Hand Control Mitts by Konmed are designed by experts so that your loved ones don’t harm themselves or others in the vicinity.

These mitts are available in three sizes: Small (26cm x 14.5cm), Medium (28cm  x 16cm) and Large (30cm x 17.5 cm). No matter what size you choose, neither of them allows a patient to make a fist. All sizes are equally efficient. The small and medium ones are intended for users with regular-sized hands, whereas the large ones could suit someone with bigger than usual hands.  

These mitts come with a zipper on the upper end. The primary purpose of the zipper is to help the caregiver set the patient’s fingers in a natural position. Sleeping with fingers tangled or pressed below the palm can cause pain and discomfort. The zipper makes life easy for the patient as hand restraint mitts prohibit the patient from repositioning their finger by themselves.  

Hand Control Mitts By Konmed are Suitable For: 

Hand Control Mitts by Konmed are perfectly suited for bedridden individuals in a medical care facility or a home. This product can restrain patients who are suffering from a brain condition, and as a result indulge in self-harm (especially, when asleep). 

Correspondingly, these mitts can also help caregivers dealing with patients suffering from Antisocial personality disorder, Autism, and Borderline personality disorder. 


  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Light-weight and comfortable
  • Package includes two mitts
  • Once fastened, can go all night long


  • Can take a while to put them on correctly

4. Genmine Finger Control Mitts

best new release


Finger Control Mitts from Genmine are for folks looking for something more versatile and universal. These mitts can be used for more than one purpose. They not only immobilize the fingers of the patients but are also useful to prevent skin infection.

Dementia patients tend to have poor hygiene. Consequently, they spend most of their time in unclean surroundings. They eat, scratch, touch dirty objects, etc without feeling the need to sanitize their hands. They need to be monitored by someone, 24×7. 

If left unmonitored, keeping the home clean can become a challenge for a caregiver. This is why Genmine has created this lightweight and soft product. The package includes a pair of white and blue mitts. As you can see in the image above, the meshy top portion is white and the padded bottom side is blue. 

These are one of the best mitts for Alzheimer’s patients in the new release category. They do not come with finger separators and, as a result, are easy to put on. The top portion has rounded edges. The wrist buckle is wide enough for hands of all sizes and shapes. The velcro strap is flexible and adjustable. 

Furthermore, these mitts are hand and machine washable. As I mentioned earlier, the breathable mesh (being white) can attract all sorts of dirt and grime. It is recommended to clean the mitts every other day. They can be air-dried under the fan or dried in sunlight by placing them on a window sill. 

Genmine Finger Control Mitts are Suitable For:

Finger Control Mitts by Genmine are designed for patients who create hurdles in their medical treatment by pulling catheters from their bodies. The gloves keep the entire hand enclosed within it. For this reason, the patient does not engage in potentially harmful activities. Moreover, these mittens also prohibit a dementia patient from picking at their skin or scabs. 


  • Easy to put on
  • Machine washable 
  • Package includes two mitts
  • Money-back guarantee 


  • Quality of material could be improved

5. Hand Finger Control Mitts Protection By Jatzde Store

best affordable

Pair Hand Finger Control Mitts Protection Gloves Loop Closure Prevent

Hand Finger Control Mitts Protection are one of the best washable mitts for Alzheimer’s patients. They are ideal for patients who frequently make a mess in their surroundings. These mittens not only help you stop them from touching objects around them but also from picking things up. 

There is a flat piece inside the blue surface (known as “anti-scratch plate”) that stops the patient from bending their fingers. After a while, the patients get conditioned to the new hand position and don’t feel the urge to pick things up. The anti-scratch plate also prevents accidental extubation

Finger separators do offer some convenience but they can make the patient feel uncomfortable after a while. Mitts with finger separators are also difficult to put on. Hand Finger Control Mitts Protection does not come with finger separators.

Finger Control Mitts can also be washed with some detergent and water. Soak them in hot water if you want them to have a softer feel or cold water works just fine.

Furthermore, the top layer of this product is made from high-quality mesh fabric. The breathable mesh ensures the flow of fresh air within the glove. This also diminishes the chances of skin infections during prolonged usage. It is quite common for caregivers to restrain a patient for longer durations.   

Hand Finger Control Mitts Protection By Jatzde Store are Suitable For: 

The hook-n-loop tie is another interesting feature of these mitts from the Jatzde Store. A velcro adjustment strap may be easier to put on but an energetic patient can take it off with their teeth. A hook-n-loop is a perfect solution for this problem. Once you put on the glove, tie the knot as tightly or as lightly as you wish. A fastened hook-n-loop is impossible to undo with teeth.   


  • Affordable
  • Enhanced fixation with hook-n-loop tie
  • No finger separators 
  • Package includes two mitts


  • Difficult to put on

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, mitts can be difficult to put on. And they also fall off the patient’s hand in the middle of the night. So, make sure you are getting the ones with an adjustable band that can be tightened up to a point where the patient doesn’t feel uncomfortable or it doesn’t obstruct the blood flow. 

I hope the guide on best mitts for Alzheimer’s patients was helpful and informative. Leave a comment below and let us know if you have any questions or queries on this subject. 

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