5 Best Mitts for Alzheimer’s Patients

5 Best Mitts for Alzheimer’s Patients

Are you looking for the perfect mitts for Alzheimer’s patients?

Disorders like skin picking or ripping out IV tubes form the body are very common with dementia patients. Mainly such behavior arises out of frustration. And it is almost always in an unconscious state. I mean. No dementia patients willingly want to hurt themselves but sometimes things can get out of control.

This is where gently retraining their hand with the help of mitts or gloves can help an Alzheimer’s patient calm down. Mitts are soft and cushy gloves that act as a barrier between the hand of your loved one and their skin or other objects around them.

Here are the 5 Best Mitts for Alzheimer’s patients.

1) Safety Control Mitts Dementia Gloves- Gamsami

Mitts for Alzheimer's Patients- Safety Control Mitts Dementia Gloves

Safety Control Mitts from Gamsami are one of the best mitts for Alzheimer’s patients. They provide total comfort to the patients and assurance to their caregivers. Caregiver’s don’t have to spend hours convincing their patients to put on these gloves. They are so comfy and user-friendly that even the patient themselves can figure out how to wear them.

Another thing I liked about these mitts is they don’t have the totally unnecessary finger separators. This makes it easy to put them on and it also doesn’t itch after wearing then for longer durations. Worrying about things like accidents, self-harm, finger infection, and finger harm is a clear sign of the patient’s health being declined to an extent which they could also injure others around them.

Lastly, if you are worried about an Alzheimer’s patient hurting themselves by picking their skin, these mitts are perfect as they are padded with super-soft leather. So, there are no pointed edges with which the patient can scratch themselves hard. Don’t they sound perfect?

2) Hand Control Mitt Economy-Posey Company

Mitts for Alzheimer's Patients- Hand Control Mitt Economy

Hand Control Mitt Economy are one size fits all mitts by an Arcadia, California based manufacturer known as Posey Company. Recently they have collaborated with another patient safety equipment company called Tidi.

These mitts work amazingly well for patients with Dementia like Alzheimer’s disease or Huntington’s disease. Especially when they have a catheter plugged into their body. Most patients get annoyed with this strange tube inserted into their body and try to pull it out. You don’t want this to happen as it can cause greater troubles later.

Irrespective of the size of the patient’s hands, these mitts fit perfect as they come with a velcro adjustment band. The velcro sticky back tape is difficult to remove with the gloves on, so you don’t have to worry about the patient removing them after a few hours. These mitts are so soft and comfortable that they won’t even notice them.

3) Hand Control Mitts-KONMED

Mitts for Alzheimer's Patients- Hand Control Mitts

Konmed is North Carolina based company specializes in health care products that help patients live a higher quality life. The manufacturing of the products is done in Shenzhen, China. These are one of the best-imported mitts for Alzheimer’s patients.

Is your loved one’s pain causing other’s in your family to suffer as well? You must act on this and do something immediately to ease their pain. Most dementia patients indulge in self-harming activities like skin picking, cutting themselves with sharp objects, biting their nails till it bleeds, etc. Hand Control Mitts are designed by experts so that your loved one does not harm themselves or others in your family.

4) Denshine Control Mitts

Mitts for Alzheimer's Patients- Denshine Control Mitts

Control Mitts from Denshine are for folks looking for something more versatile and universal. These mitts for dementia patients can be used for more than one purposes. They not only immobilize the fingers of the patients but are also useful to prevent skin infection.

Dementia patients are not very well known to maintain good hygiene. They eat, scratch, touch dirty objects, etc without feeling the need to ash their hands. They need to be pro monitored 27×7. If you don’t then it becomes difficult to maintain the cleanliness in tour house or nursing home. This is why Denshine has created this product that is so lightweight and soft that your loved one will love it.

They can also be put on before going to bed. Dementia patients sometimes scratch themselves in the middle of the night. For them, it is very difficult to decide to get up in the middle of the night– to go to the washroom, have a snack, drink water, or just take a walk outside. To get rid of tension they pick their skin and harm themselves. Safeguarding their body– by putting on mitts– is very essential before slumber time.

5) My Finger Control Mitts

Mitts for Alzheimer's Patients- My Finger Control Mitts

Want washable mitts for Alzheimer’s patients?

My Finger Control Mitts are perfect for patients who regularly make a mess in their surroundings. They not only help you stop them from touching objects around them but also stop them from picking things up. There is a flat piece inside the blue surface that stops the patient from bending their fingers. After a while, the patients get conditioned to the new hand position and don’t feel the urge to pick things up.

Finger separators are great but they can make the patient feel uncomfortable after a while. Mitts with finger separators are also difficult to put on. My Finger Control Mitts do not come with finger separators.

Lastly, My Finger Control Mitts can also be washed and cleaned without any problem. To wash them all you need is some detergent and water. Soak them in hot water if you want them to have a softer feel or cold water works just fine.


Mitts can be difficult to put on sometimes. And they also fall off the patient’s hand in the middle of the night. So, make sure you are getting the ones with an adjustable band that can be tightened up to a point where the patient doesn’t feel uncomfortable or it doesn’t obstruct the blood flow.

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