3 Imaginative Game Ideas for Nursing Homes

3 Imaginative Game Ideas for Nursing Homes

In this post, I have shared a few fun and exciting game ideas for nursing homes.

Who could say no to sitting comfortably on a couch with a bunch of friends and playing games like Monopoly and Scrabble?

It is life’s one of the greatest pleasures to forget all your worries and spend time with other like-minded folks. So, why no create such an environment in a place you reside. Even if it’s a nursing home.

Here are the 3 imaginative game ideas for nursing homes.

1. Board Games

Game Ideas for Nursing Homes

When it comes to game ideas for nursing homes, board games are a no brainer. If you didn’t know already, there is a whole community of people who play and talk about board games. From children to adults everyone is excited about this social activity.

Board gaming is a social activity. And the fact that elders in nursing are always surrounded by people should act in their favor. To introduce board gaming in a nursing home, all you will need is a moderator who can tutor other people on the rules of various board games.

Boardgame rules are not that complicated. An elderly person with a moderately healthy brain can easily grasp them and get better as they play.

Humour is one of the biggest benefits of playing board games with other nursing home mates. Playfully teasing each other, calling each other cute nicknames, and spending time together creates a feeling of wellbeing. For an elderly person, this feeling is priceless.

Some of the board game ideas for nursing homes are:

  1. Scrabble
  2. Chinese checkers
  3. Monopoly
  4. Qwirkle
  5. Clue (Cluedo)

2. Card Games

Game Ideas for Nursing Homes

Looking for more game ideas for nursing homes? Playing cards with your friends and family members have a lot of health benefits for elderly people. An elderly person staying in a nursing home may start feeling a bit secluded or isolated from other people.

Most of the people staying in a nursing home are occupied with their own problems. It would be amazing if they could play cards with each other and make everyone feel at home.

Playing card games like Bridge and Solitaire is good for their memory too. In fact, this will be the only time they will be using their memory. Otherwise, elderly people in a nursing home don’t have much to do except maybe reading a book and watching television. [1]

3. Puzzles

Game Ideas for Nursing Homes

Solving jigsaw puzzles is one of the best game ideas for people living in nursing homes. For people suffering from dementia, there are memory enhancing jigsaw puzzles available in the market. These puzzle sets can be kept in the recreational rooms or the TV room of a nursing home.

Certain images can stimulate reminiscence. Which means, they can make a person remind of something from the past. Like a farmhouse or a railway station in the city.

Fiddling with these kinds of puzzles can start a conversation with others in the nursing home in an easy and natural way. The nursing home residents can also exchange them with each other once they are done solving a particular puzzle. This can build solidarity between them.


Let’s not forget that the role of any game is to bring people together. I have been to so many nursing homes and I see the same dull and unhappy environment everywhere. I wish they made some efforts to better the lives of the people staying there. I also hope these game ideas for nursing homes will come in handy for a caretaker, nursing home resident, or a nursing home owner.

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